Trimax Procut FM

The Trimax ProCut FM is a front-mounted version of our Procut Series 4. With the mower in front, mowing visibility is increased and the grass is cut prior to being traversed by tractor wheels.

Engineered to be easier to operate and maintain than ever before, the ProCut Series 4 retains the same exceptional cut quality that set the original apart from the competition. With more spindles and shorter blade beams than comparable rotary mowers, the ProCut provides more cuts per forward metre of travel, a finer clip, and is fitted with Trimax LazerBladez™ – a carefully engineered blade system that produces a superior cut and finish at high ground speeds.

The ProCut Series 4 includes patented Trimax features including SteadFast™ maintenance-free spindles, the RapidSet™ height adjustment system, and the new LocTEK stubless roller retention system for vastly increased roller retention and alignment.

During operation, the ProCut FM rides the ground on its front wheels and rear roller. The castored front wheels allow for easy maneuverability and the rear roller follows ground contours to prevent scalping.