The Trilo VCU 150 Verticutter unit is specially designed for sports fields, flat areas, parks and is the solution for all your thatch problems.

• Removes thatch build-up

• Allows increased aeration

• More effective utilization of fertilizer

• Increased water penetration

• Earlier spring green-up


The natural growth rate of grass slows down when a thatch of leaves, old grass clippings, dead roots and moss has built up. It leads to reduced resistance against diseases and therefore increased vulnerability and growth problems.

The machine dri The machine drive is completely mechanical, so that it has no hydraulic hoses and cannot leak. The machine has a working width of 1.5 metres and is constructed on a single rigid frame. The machine can handle thatch build-ups right down to 40 mm without any problem. The scarifier blades each have 5 teeth, resulƟng in longer life. As standard, the machine is equipped with 3 mm thick blades with 30 mm spacing. The working depth is adjustable by way of a stepless adjuster on the left and right sides, which move the front roller against the scarifier blades.