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We take your greens as seriously as you do.

Nowhere on your course gets more scrutiny than your greens. Which is why we offer so many features to help you achieve quality results. Like patented offset cutting units to prevent 'triplex ring.New Quick Adjust cutting units to make it easy to set to the perfect cut height. E-Cut Hybrid technology to virtually eliminate the possibility of a hydraulic leak. And a support organization that's there for you every morning you're out on the course.

Using our new reels is the easiest adjustment you'll ever make. The reels on all our greens mowers make all adjustments quick and easy. Thanks to a revolutionary Speed Link system that makes it possible to adjust height of cut to both sides of the cutting unit in no time. A linking bar connects both sides of the rear roller to a high reduction ratio worm gear, allowing one-thousandth-of-an-inch adjustments to be made to both sides of the roller simultaneously just by using a power drill (or 16 mm wrench). A simple, precise notch-based system is used for cut bedknife-to-reel adjustment. And the reel bedknife shoe eccentric can be rotated to shift the bedknife closer to a worn reel so every reel can work longer before replacement. So in almost every way possible, these reels set a new standard. All because we designed them the way you told us to.